Kit BP1Mk1

The BP1Mk1 is a 19" bass preamp with the following features:
* all-tube preamp with a broad sound spectrum
* switchable sensivity, gain and volume controls allow clean to crunch sounds
* active three-band tone controls with switchable bass and teeble boost
* mute switch and dedicated tuner output (active when muted)
* kit includes 19" steel chassis, tubes and all electronic and mechanical parts needed to build a working preamp

And this is how the BP1Mk1 looks like when completely assembled, all parts (excluding the knobs) and the 19" chassis are included in the kit.

All parts of the BP1Mk1 are of standard industry quality.

Scope of Supply
The BP1Mk1 kit includes all neccessary parts to build a working tube preamplifier as there are:
* tubes, sockets, power transformer
* resistors, capacitors, variable resistors
* switches, plug sockets, cable, fuse
* wire, screws, printed circuit board etc.
* 19" steel chassis (1HU), completely drilled and printed

Complete documentation in elektronic form:
* comprehensive manual with illustrations and photos
* schematic of the amplifier
* layout plan of the amplifier

BP1Mk1 Documentation

Additionally needed:
* knobs for 6mm axis (no chickenheads because of the short distance between the knobs)

Kit availability

This kit is currently NOT available.

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