28.04.2024 Madamp G3 Mk2 - it's finally moving forward
The G3 Rock Mk2 is ready, the new OT for the 5687WB output tube is in stock, a decent number of chassis is also in stock. Because the soldering strip is no longer in production (photo, right), I took the chance and created a new PCB (photo, left), this makes assembly much more easy. PCBs and turrets are also in stock, as soon as the manual is ready and the new kits are prepared, these are available from Musikding. Next on the list is the G3 Blues Mk2 :-)

27.03.2022 Availability of Madamp G3
Right now we are waiting fo new chassis used for G3 Blues and G3 Rock kits, 200 pcs. are in production and shall be finished soon. We have all russian NOS tubes needed for both kits in stock, so the kits will be available as soon as the chassis are delivered to us. We are pretty sure that 6N6P NOS tubes will not be available in the medium term, so we will switch to a new type of power tube for the G3 kits in the next months. But we will keep 50 pcs of 6N6P in stock as spare parts for G3 kit owners :-)

27.03.2022 What's going on at Madamp?
Unfortunately MADAMP is also hit by the global shortage of electron valves, so nearly all MADAMP kits and electron tubes at MUSIKDING are sold out. Due to the fact, that MADAMP has a reasonable stock of (in particular russian) NOS valves, we're able to react and mitigate the shortage partly. We hope to be able to give more information on general MADAMP kit availability in the coming days...

06.06.2021 New pictures and G8A prototype
You will find a number of new pictures of headshells and combo cabinets designed and built by MADAMP customers in the "Design your MADAMP" area - thank you for all your ideas and the provision of pictures!
And the final prototype of a new DIY kit is done - the G8A is an 8W Class A PP Amp with 2x 6P1P and 3x 6N2P valves, allowing flexible classic rocksounds from clean to crunch w/o ear crashing volume...

28.6.2020 Sound Test G3 Rock
A quick & dirty test at a rehearsal, hard to believe that 3W are enough to compete with drums and bass :-)
Please check my youtube channel ("Martin Madamp") for this video and more sound samples and videos of the G3 Rock...

28.3.2020 G3 Rock Development
Last measurement at the test amp, all working as designed...

20.3.2020 Recommeded speakers for the G3
There are too many guitar speakers to test them all - but from time to time I try some speakers. My current favourites with a good value for money is the WGS Veteran 10 for the G3 Blues and the Celestion VT-Junior 10 for the G3 Rock.

G3 Soundtest

15.02.2020 Using a booster with the G3 Blues?
See section "MADAMP Modifications" for my opinion on this...

G3 Rock Power Amp Measurement

01.02.2020 G3 Rock Development
We're moving forward - the G3 Rock prototype is ready, the last measurements are just taking place. The chassis ist the same as for the G3 Blues, so the data is similar though the circuit is different:

Next step is building the first test amp, then the first round if tests with guitr players will start.