28.3.2020 G3 Rock Development
Last measurement at the test amp, all working as designed...

20.3.2020 Recommeded speakers for the G3
There are too many guitar speakers to test them all - but from time to time I try some speakers. My current favourites with a good value for money is the WGS Veteran 10 for the G3 Blues and the Celestion VT-Junior 10 for the G3 Rock.

G3 Soundtest

15.02.2020 Using a booster with the G3 Blues?
See section "MADAMP Modifications" for my opinion on this...

G3 Rock Power Amp Measurement

01.02.2020 G3 Rock Development
We're moving forward - the G3 Rock prototype is ready, the last measurements are just taking place. The chassis ist the same as for the G3 Blues, so the data is similar though the circuit is different:

Next step is building the first test amp, then the first round if tests with guitr players will start.