Kit M15mk1

The M15Mk1 is a two-channel 15W all-tube guitar amplifier with "English" sound and the following features:
* true two-channel amplifier with separate tone and volume controls for each channel
* push-pull power stage (2x EL84) with 15W power to 8 or 16 ohms
* channel 1 is based on the mini-bluesbreaker with additional switchable bass boost ("fat" switch)
* power stage overdrive starting at medium volume
* channel 2 provides classic English 70s/80s rocksound but with a bit more gain
* master volume enables channel 2 to provide overdrive sounds at low volume
* variable sound from clean to crunch (no high-gain)
* unbuffered effects loop
* for practice and studio with power amp distortion at sufferable volume
* kit includes chassis, tubes, and electronical and mechanical parts in decent quality

Please find here some impressions of the interior of the amplifier, besides the front plate and the knobs all parts are included in the standard kit:

M15Mk1 Details

All parts of the M15Mk1 are of standard industry quality.

Scope of Supply:
The M15Mk1 kit includes all neccessary parts to build a working tube amplifier as there are:
* tubes, sockets, power and output transformers
* resistors, capacitors, variable resistors
* switches, plug sockets, cable, fuse
* wire, screws, boards etc.
* aluminium chassis (WxDxH 254 x 152 x 51 mm)

Complete documentation in elektronic form:
* comprehensive manual (27 pages) with illustrations and photos
* schematic of the amplifier
* layout plan of the amplifier
* layout plan for front panel (headshell and combo version)
* layout plan for rear panel (headshell and combo version)
* drilling plan for the chassis

M15Mk1 Documentation

Additionally needed:
* knobs for 6mm axis
* cabinet (headshell or combo)
* speaker (8 or 16 Ohms)
* front plate (DIY or order one at »

Assembly report (video):

Various sound presentations (video):

Variants and Options
M15Mk1 Deluxe
The M15Mk1 is also available as Deluxe version, including a ready to use black steel drilled and printed chassis with assembly threads. This version also includes metal shafted variable resistors (pots).
Footswitch option FS1Mk1
With this addon you can switch two functions by foot, this is typically channel and fat with the M15Mk1, but you can also remotely switch something else if wanted.

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G3 Blues soundsamples

Strat sounds clean to crunch

Clean rythm and lead

Crunch rythm and lead

Rythm clean and crunch

Clean to crunch

Crunch to the max (all controls to 10)

Overdrive pedal and all to the max

Effects (Compressor/Chorus/Delay)