MADAMP - who is it?

That's how it all started
After tweaking tube radios and amplifiers in my youth I stopped doing so later but started again to deal with tube amps when playing guitar as a hobby. While studying electronics (with tubes only explained to be used for radio transmission) I started again to tweak tube amps but it took some time until 2001 since I decided to build my own guitar tube amp. At that time there was already an impressive community of DIYers at AX84 in the US but nothing like that in Europe besides some expensive kits "copying" famous amps. So I started reading and learning from books and AX84 and in the end this was the birth of the J15MK1 15 years ago.

The wild years
Most likely I'm exaggerating but at that time I had much more time for MADAMP so I could not only spend a lot of time in my lab (being at that time two old tables in the attic) but also presented my amp kits at the Frankfurt Music Fair and other local events (e.g. Vintage Guitar Show at Oldenburg). At that time I also was a reseller for Weber and Celestion speakers and shipped the kits by myself with the help of my wife.

Development of Guitar and Bass Tube Amps
In 2006 I decided to focus on development due to time constraints. So from 2007 onwards MADAMP kits have been and are exclusively sold by Klaus Brunner (Das Musikding, » But I kept on buying and selling tubes so I have a reasonable stock of thousands of european, american and russian tubes now. I'm using in particular russian tubes for my entry level kits becasue these are robust, affordable and still available in reasonable quantities.